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Internet Explorer Vulnerability (04.29.14)

Microsoft is warning users of Internet Explorer about attacks attempting to exploit a new security flaw that affects all supported versions of the Internet Explorer browser. This security flaw could be used to install malicious software on your computer when you visit compromised sites or view specially formatted email messages. While Microsoft has not yet prepared a patch for this flaw, there are steps users can take to lessen exposure to this threat:

  • Use a different browser until a fix is available for Internet Explorer. Internet Banking customers should review the alternate browser versions supported on our Minimum Internet Banking Requirements page.
  • Follow Microsoft's "Protect Your Computer" guidance by enabling a firewall, installing all software updates, and installing and updating antivirus software.
  • Use caution when visiting websites and avoid clicking links or opening email messages from people you do not know.

Note: Users of Windows XP should not expect to receive a fix for this issue since Microsoft has stopped supporting this system. If you do not intend to upgrade to a newer operating system, it is recommended that you permanently adopt an alternate browser (other than Internet Explorer).

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