MasterCard® Prepaid Card

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Experience the freedom with a reloadable MasterCard® Prepaid Card! You can shop and pay bills with the security of a MasterCard® while maintaining a budget. Personalize this Card with your name and reload it in person at any First Convenience Bank branch. You can also reload your Card at a participating MasterCard® rePower™ network, or by using Direct Deposit.


  • NO check cashing fees
  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • Shop and pay bills online
  • Accepted at over 20 million locations worldwide
  • Reload at our branches or at thousands of retail locations
  • Great budgeting tool for your college student


Prepaid Customers
Monthly FeePer PurchaseATM WithdrawalCash Reload
$2.00*$0 With Signature$0 In-Network$0
$0 With Pin$2.00 Out-of-Network
No Overdraft or Credit-Related Fees
ATM Balance Inquiry (In-Network or Out-of-Network) $0 or $2.00
Customer Service (IVR/Cardholder Web Access) $0 Per Call
Customer Service (Operator-Assisted Calls) $3.00 Per Call
Inactivity (No Transactions for 12 Months) $2.00 Per Month
Card Purchase Fee $2.00
International Transaction Fee $3.00
* Starts 30 days after the card is loaded.

Find details and conditions for all fees and services inside the package or call 877-404-4833 or visit or

Register your card with FNBT/FCB to protect your money.

For more information about prepaid cards, visit

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